College and University Government: Elmira College


This report deals primarily with conditions of academic government at Elmira College, particularly relations among the faculty, the chief academic officers, and the governing board. It deals with a welter of episodes that have contributed to a situation without an obvious beginning, middle, or end. In assessing patterns of governance which penetrate and are reflected in all aspects of institutional life, the investigating committee  sought more to depict the tone and implications of what will be seen as very poor governance relationships at Elmira College over the past few years than to describe individual episodes and developments in great detail.

The text of this report was written by the members of the investigating committee. In accordance with Association practice, the text was then edited by the Association's staff, and as revised, with the concurrence of the investigating committee, was submitted to Committee T on College and University Government. With the approval of Committee T it was subsequently sent to the administration of Elmira College, to the chair of the board of trustees, to the AAUP chapter, and to other persons concerned in the report. In the light of the responses received and with the editorial assistance of the Association's staff, this report was published in the September-October 1993 issue of Academe.