Academic Freedom and Tenure: Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

The administration of Catholic University of Puerto Rico (CUPR) first suspended and then terminated the services of a tenured faculty member without affording her due process.  Furthermore, this dismissal was based on vaguely stated religious standards not demonstrably related to professional performance, has placed in question the academic freedom of all faculty members at CUPR. The statement in the faculty manual that a faculty member is expected to "conduct himself in accordance with the values and ethical principles of the Catholic Church (both within and without the University)..." is subject to such broad interpretation that it would allow the administration to dismiss almost any faculty member at will.

The text of this report was written by the members of the investigating committee. In accordance with Association practice, the text was then edited by the Association's staff, and, as revised, with the concurrence of the investigating committee, was submitted to Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure. With the approval of Committee A it was subsequently sent to the faculty member at whose request the inquiry was conducted, to the administration of the Catholic University of Puerto Rico, and to other persons concerned in the report. In the light of the responses received and with the editorial assistance of the Association's staff, this report was published in the May-June 1987 issue of Academe.