Nomination Notice for At-Large Delegates

Note: the deadline to make a nomination has passed.


AAUP At-Large Chapter Delegates to Biennial Meeting of the AAUP

Nominations are being sought for the position of AAUP At-Large chapter delegates and alternates to the Biennial Meeting of the American Association of University Professors to be held on June 14 and 15, 2024 at the DoubleTree Crystal City, 300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, Virginia, 22202.  Chapter delegates will attend and represent the chapter at the Biennial Meeting, and will cast the votes of the chapter in the election of AAUP officers to be held at the Biennial Meeting. 

The chapter is entitled to between 6 and 8 delegates (the exact number will be determined based on the membership as of April 1, 2024.) Alternate delegates will replace delegates who are unable to serve. Any chapter member in good standing is eligible to be nominated, or to nominate another member, as delegate or alternate. A member may self-nominate for the position.

The chapter delegates who attend the biennial meeting and are credentialed shall be entitled to cast ballots in an election or weighted vote equal to the total number of members from the chapter. If the chapter has more than one credentialed delegate, each delegate shall be entitled to an equal portion of the votes to which the chapter is entitled, with the delegation distributing any remaining votes.

There are limited funds to reimburse delegates for a portion of the lodging and travel expenses for At-Large Chapter delegates attending the Biennial Meeting.  

The delegate(s) elected will serve a term from the date of the election until the close of the Association Biennial meeting for which they are elected. 

Nominations for delegate or alternate must be made in writing either by email or by US mail and must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 20, 2024.

Mail Address: AAUP, At Large Chapter, 555 New Jersey Ave NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20001 (attention: David Kociemba)

In the event that there is only one nominee for each position after nominations have closed and prior to ballot distribution, that nominee will be considered elected by acclamation and no ballot vote will be held.  

In the event of a ballot election, a notice of election will be mailed to the last known home address of each chapter member.