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2019 AAUP Updates

03.07.2019 | Report Finds Partisan Ideology and Political Ambition Motivated Changes at Maricopa Community Colleges

The AAUP released a governance investigation report about the Maricopa Community Colleges district governing board’s decisions to repeal the entire faculty manual, put restrictions on the faculty’s participation in institutional decision making, and terminate a “meet-and-confer” process. Investigators found evidence which strongly suggests that the board’s intervention was an engineered performance of political theater motivated by partisan ideology.

03.07.2019 | Statement on President Trump’s Proposed Denial of Research Funds

After President Trump announced that he would soon issue an executive order denying federal research funds to colleges and universities that do not "support free speech," the AAUP and eleven other groups issued a statement, calling it a dangerous solution to a largely nonexistent problem.

03.04.2019 | Support for Oakland Teachers

The Executive Committee of the AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress sent a letter of support for striking teachers to the Oakland, California, schools superintendent on March 1. Teachers returned to work March 4 after coming to an agreement with the district.

02.13.2019 | University of New Mexico Faculty Petition for Union Election

A clear majority of faculty at the University of New Mexico have declared their support for unionization in an official election petition filed today with the UNM Labor Management Relations Board. The UNM bargaining unit, comprising more than 1,600 full- and part-time faculty on five campuses has organized under the banner of United Academics of the University of New Mexico which is affiliated nationally with AAUP and the American Federation of Teachers.

02.12.2019 | Nunez Community College’s Dismissal of Professor Was Likely Retaliatory

An AAUP investigative report finds the most plausible explanation for the dismissal of Professor Richard Schmitt from Nunez Community College was that it occured as a retaliatory measure, violating his academic freedom.

02.11.2019 | Wright State AAUP Strike is Over!

Yesterday evening the AAUP-WSU negotiating team came to a tentative agreement with the Wright State University administration, and the AAUP-WSU Executive Committee voted to end the faculty strike that began on January 22.

02.05.2019 | William Van Alstyne Dies at 84

We note with sadness the death of William Van Alstyne, who served as president of the national AAUP from 1974 to 1976.

02.01.2019 | Letter to Augsburg University President Regarding Phillip Adamo

The AAUP sent a letter to the president of Augsburg University after the university suspended Phillip Adamo over his use of a quoted passage from a book by James Baldwin, which used the n-word.