2012 AAUP Updates

09.07.2012 | The AAUP Stands with the Chicago Teachers Union

Chicago battle has important ramifications for all educators.  

08.29.2012 | Campaign for the Future of Higher Ed Releases Report on Contingent Faculty

A new report out from the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education focuses on problems faced by contingent faculty and their students at the start of the term. The report is based on a survey by the New Faculty Majority of five hundred faculty members.

08.02.2012 | Wayne State Faculty Need Your Help

The Wayne State faculty need your help NOW! Please join us in supporting the WSU Negotiating Team in their attempt to preserve tenure at the university.

08.01.2012 | Tentative Agreement Between CFA & CSU

The California Faculty Association (CFA) and the California State University announced a tentative agreement on the faculty contract. "It's a fair agreement in the context of hard times," said Lillian Taiz, of the California Faculty Association, "We are disappointed we were not able to get a raise, but that wasn't in the cards.

07.16.2012 | Protect Nondefense Discretionary Spending

The AAUP has joined with nearly three thousand national, state, and local organizations to support funding non-defense discretionary spending, or NDD. These programs reach every part of our lives, from public safety and infrastructure to research and education.

07.03.2012 | Congratulations to UIC Faculty

After two faculty bargaining units were certified last week, the University of Illinois at Chicago administration has indicated it will stop fighting recognition and proceed to bargaining. 

06.26.2012 | New Report on Contingent Faculty and Governance

As the AAUP has documented time and time again, the proportion of faculty appointments that are “contingent”—lacking the benefits and protections of tenure and a planned long-term relationship with an institution—has increased dramatically over the past few decades. By 2009—the latest year for which national data are available—75 percent of US faculty appointments were off the tenure track, and 60 percent were part-time.

06.19.2012 | Contingent Faculty Survey Results

The Coalition on the Academic Workforce, of which the AAUP is a member, released the results of its highly anticipated survey of contingent faculty.