AAUP Brief on Antidiscrimination Law

The AAUP authored and filed yesterday an amicus brief in support of a lower court decision holding that Margaret DeWeese-Boyd, a professor at a Christian college, is not a “minister” and thus was protected by Massachusetts antidiscrimination laws. DeWeese-Boyd had sued her employer, Gordon College, alleging that it violated Massachusetts discrimination law when it denied her a promotion because of her activity on LGBTQ issues. Gordon College argued that, as a religiously affiliated institution, it was exempt from employment discrimination law because it claimed DeWeese-Boyd was a “minister” within the First Amendment “ministerial exception.” The amicus brief, authored by AAUP General Counsel Risa Lieberwitz, used the AAUP’s well-established principles and standards to provide guidance to the Massachusetts Supreme Court in applying the “ministerial exception” in the context of higher education institutions. You can read a summary of the amicus brief and download a PDF of the brief here.

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, December 15, 2020