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University of California

Occupy and Escalate

Graduate students should occupy not just buildings but also disciplinary and professional organizations.

Avoiding the Coming Higher Ed Wars

Myths about how research is funded and why the humanities are impoverished need to be overturned if public higher education is to thrive again in the United States.

The Biography of the Great American University

Jonathan R. Cole talks with Academe about the importance of innovation at elite research universities and academic freedom under pressure.

Building a Movement in California

A widespread perception among supporters of K–PhD public education in California that the system is in danger of being dismantled led to a statewide day of action on March 4. The day included rallies and protests at locations around the state, with thousands of participants. It was not only a demonstration of outrage at devastating budget cuts; it was also a demonstration of the power of coalitions that cut across traditional divides.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube—and Democracy

The University of California protest movement shows that social media shape not only the new social movements but also the media as a whole.

University of California Affirms Faculty Free Speech Rights

The University of California Board of Regents has affirmed the right of faculty to speak out about institutional matters without fear of reprisal.

Why Standardized Tests Have Standardized Postracial Ideology

Barack Obama’s presidency will forever be connected to postracial ideology. The postracial idea that racism has been marginalized or eradicated came of age during the early years of his tenure in office. It was mortally wounded during the final years of his presidency by a rash of police shootings and Black Lives Matter protests.

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