Suffolk University

Contract Gains for Part-Time Chapter

The Suffolk Affiliated Faculty (SAF-AAUP) part-time faculty chapter signed its first contract with Suffolk University this June, bringing a welcome conclusion to three-year-long negotiations. The chapter has much cause to celebrate. The Suffolk administration acceded to part-time faculty members’ demands that they be compensated for extra classroom time that was a consequence of a course-credit restructuring plan; this resulted in 30 to 45 percent pay raises between 2007 and 2010, with annual increases of 3.5 percent in subsequent years.

Victory for Suffolk Part-Time Faculty Chapter

The Suffolk Affiliated Faculty collective bargaining chapter (SAF-AAUP) laid claim to an important victory when it submitted a letter to the Suffolk University administration noting that the chapter had met the requirements needed to activate the fair-share provision of its new contract. The provision mandated that the union achieve 55 percent membership by December 1 in order for fair share to take effect.

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