Henry Reichman

Online Education and the “Cost Disease”

Higher Education in the Digital Age by William G. Bowen in collaboration with Kelly A. Lack. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2013.

Does Academic Freedom Have a Future?

Prognostications about the future of academic freedom will be informed best by the lessons of its past. And if there is any lesson to be learned from the AAUP’s first century, it is that academic freedom can never be taken for granted. While academic freedom is one of the foundations of greatness in the American higher education system, it has always been—and always will be—contested and vulnerable. Academic freedom must be fought for repeatedly, and there will be no final victory in the struggle.

Academic Freedom and the Common Good: A Review Essay

This review essay discusses issues of academic freedom in the books of Michael Bérubé and Jennifer Ruth, Akeel Bilgrami and Jonathan Cole (editors), Stefan Collini, Alice Dreger, Stanley Fish, Greg Lukianoff, Robert Post, and Hans-Joerg Tiede.

Professionalism and Unionism: Academic Freedom, Collective Bargaining, and the American Association of University Professors

This article traces the history of the relationship between professionalism and union organizing within the AAUP, whose founders initially eschewed unionism. Interest in unionism did not become a significant force until the mid-1960s, when the AAUP was compelled to respond both to intensified discontent among faculty with their economic status and to increasingly vigorous organizing by union rivals.

Free Expression in the Global City

Free Speech: Ten Principles for A Connected World by Timothy Garton Ash. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2016.

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