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Emerson College Part-Time Faculty Union Achieves ‘Fair Share’

This provision will provide the resources necessary for the AFEC-AAUP chapter to more effectively represent part-time faculty and enforce their contract. 

AAUP Union Chapter Wins “Fair Share”

The Emerson College AAUP chapter, which represents the part-time faculty in collective bargaining, scored a decisive victory in the fall when it announced that it had met the deadline to achieve the 58 percent membership required to trigger the fair-share provision of its latest contract. The chapter, called the Affiliated Faculty of Emerson College, achieved 66.5 percent membership among nearly 220 part-time faculty members— almost 10 percent more than necessary to activate fair share.

Part-time Faculty Request to Join Existing Union

Part-time faculty at the Los Angeles campus of Emerson College wrote to college president Lee Pelton requesting recognition for all part-time faculty at Emerson LA to become a part of an existing union of part-time faculty at Emerson College. Part-time faculty at the college’s main campus in Boston are represented in collective bargaining by the Affiliated Faculty of Emerson College, which is affiliated with the American Association of University Professors (AFEC-AAUP).

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