Ethnic/Religious Nationalism & Academic Freedom: The Study of China

Join the Canadian Association of University Teachers for a discussion on the challenges faced by scholars in China. Select panelists will be moderated by Henry Reichman, former vice president of the AAUP.

After Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court has ruled--now what? Join AAUP experts for a discussion of the legal issues involved in the court’s ruling on affirmative action, the national AAUP position on this, and potential ways to continue to pursue diversity goals. We’ll also talk about what happened when affirmative action was barred in California, and the role of unions in pushing for racial equity even with state-level restrictions.

Building a Bargaining Survey, Platform, and Narrative

A workshop about communicating bargaining priorities at the table, with members, and in media. Participants will look at platform examples and work on their own bargaining narrative.

Fundamentals of Bargaining

A workshop about the legal framework of negotiations and the mechanics of a strong bargaining team.

Bargaining Proposal Presentation and Writing

A workshop about effective proposal presentation and basic tips for writing language. Participants will also discuss their most successful and challenging proposals.

Contract Language Roundtable

An informal opportunity to talk with staff and members about contract articles, proposal writing issues, and source model AAUP language.

Packaging Proposals and Avoiding Impasse

A workshop about proposal packaging, strategies for avoiding impasse, and mapping an endgame timeline.

Healthcare Bargaining

This workshop covers the basics of bargaining health insurance. Participants will review the core elements of insurance, HRAs and HSAs, how premiums are set, self-insurance, and what information to request. Participants will also discuss common employer narratives about healthcare plans and costs.

Using Your Financial Analysis Report in Bargaining

A workshop about creating a game plan for using financial data and facts to counter your administration's claims.

Dispute Resolution: Mediation, Fact Finding, and Arbitration

An introduction to working with a mediator, the fact finding process, and preparing for arbitration in bargaining.

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