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The AAUP office reopened on September 7, 2021. Contact information for all staff, including those working remotely or on a hybrid schedule, is available here




Webinar: Shared Governance During a Crisis

Financial exigency, force majeure, program cuts, reduction in force—these are the challenges that faculty governance faces during the COVID-19 pandemic. This session will help AAUP members understand the AAUP’s recommended standards for faculty governance.

How (and Why) to Start an AAUP Chapter

If you are an AAUP member on a campus without an active chapter, or a potential member interested in what an AAUP chapter can do on your campus, this webinar is for you.

Member Webinar: Shared Governance and Contingency

This webinar will discuss general principles of shared governance and their relevance for the growing ranks of faculty members who hold contingent appointments. We will present AAUP-supported recommendations for the equitable inclusion of non-tenure-track faculty members in governance.

Racial Justice Roundtable

AAUP members are welcome to join us for a roundtable in which AAUP chapter leaders will talk about racial justice work their chapters have engaged in. We'll talk about initiatives that different chapters are working on or have completed, the factors that prompted the chapters to focus on these initiatives, and challenges encountered in the process

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