Member Webinar

What's Happening to Tenure?

Join us for a virtual roundtable featuring contributors to the winter issue of the AAUP magazine, Academe. We'll discuss how achieving racial equity in the tenured faculty ranks will require concrete changes to tenure and promotion policies that too often devalue the work of faculty members of color, how the long-term decline in tenure density threatens the future of higher education in blue and red states alike, and how the 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure sought to solve the contingency crisis of the Great Depression.

Investigation at Indiana University Northwest

Join us to discuss the AAUP's investigation into the dismissal of Professor Mark McPhail. We'll discuss our findings as well as how the AAUP's investigative process works.

Responding to Legislative Attacks on Education

Join us for a discussion of legislative attempts to curtail the teaching of "divisive concepts" such as race and gender, and how we can respond.

Webinar: Hiring Trends in US Higher Ed

Join AAUP researcher Scott Sederstrom for a discussion on recent hiring trends in US higher education.

Webinar: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Higher Education

Join us for a discussion of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues in higher education. We’ll discuss the difference between a DEI statement and a loyalty oath, collective vs. individual academic freedom, why DEI is important for liberal education, and strategies and tactics you can use in your chapter.

Forming and Operating Sections

Learn about forming and operating a section ahead of the upcoming biennial meeting. A section is a mechanism to ensure that small chapters’ voices are heard and to allow chapters to pool resources to make attendance at the AAUP's biennial delegate meeting more affordable.

Chapter and Section Delegate Elections

This webinar provides an overview of the rules governing the nomination and election of delegates ahead of the upcoming biennial meeting.

Campus Speech in Politically Charged Times

Please join us for a virtual discussion. Policy experts and local leaders from the AAUP and AFT will delve into how the AAUP’s policies and AFT and AAUP contract language on academic freedom and campus speech apply to the current situation, what faculty at different campuses are facing on the ground, and what our affiliates are doing to support our members and protect campus speech

Delegate Registration and Credentialing for the 2024 AAUP Conference and Biennial Meeting

This webinar will review the registration process that section and chapter leaders must use by May 15 to submit their lists of delegates and alternates for the upcoming AAUP Conference and Biennial Meeting.

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