July-August 2010

Volume 96, Number 4



Rethinking the Rules of the Higher Education Game
By Peter Sacks
The real inequalities in college access go beyond tuition.

Spare the Rigor, Spoil the Learning
By Michael E. Gordon and Oded Palmon
We need to take our students’ educations more seriously.

Teaching the Teachers
By Nancy L. Beckerman
Mentoring new faculty members in how to teach shouldn’t be the last priority.

Understanding the Working College Student
By Laura W. Perna
Students are working more, juggling more, and worrying more.

Life Ate My Homework
By Susan L. Cook and Karen Krupar
Teaching means flexibility and understanding when crises hit.

"Universities, the Major Battleground in the Fight for Reason and Capitalism"
By Gary H. Jones
Gifts from the BB&T Foundation with Randian strings attached.

Is This Curriculum for Sale?
By Richie Zweigenhaft
By Gail Braccidiferro MacDonald
External faculty evaluation Web sites are gaining ground—and critics.

A Primer on Improving Contingent Faculty Conditions
By Heidi McGrew and Joe Untener
Collaborating takes time and care, but it can work wonders.

Nota Bene

AAUP Election Results
By Robin Burns

Canadian Censures
By Jordan Kurland

Chapter Profile

Annual Conference


From the President: Collaborative Budgeting
By Cary Nelson with Donna Potts

Online Only Content

The Myths of Meritocracy
By Cassandra Leveille
An Academe student intern reacts to Peter Sacks's essay.