November-December 2009

Volume 95, Number 6



A Call for Faculty Reengagement in Governance
By Nalsey Tinberg
Responding to the “shock doctrine.”

Governance beyond the Campus
By James T. Richardson
Lobbying as a necessary element of shared governance.

Faculty Governance and Special-Interest Centers
By Mary Burgan
Guarding against the politicization of the academy.

How to Make Faculty Senates More Effective
By Kenneth J. Sufka
The Ole Miss experience.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities in a Time of Economic Crisis
By Marybeth Gasman
The importance of presidential leadership.

Creating a Flexible Budget Process
By James Frew, Robert Olson, and M. Lee Pelton
One approach to collaborative budget planning.

Global Trends in Academic Governance
By William K. Cummings and Martin Finkelstein
Professors have lost power.

Liberal Education after Antioch
By Jean Gregorek
The story of the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute.

Governance and Faculty Satisfaction
By Joan E. Test and Jef Cornelius-White

Nota Bene

Stabilizing Persons, Creating New Lines
By Marc Bousquet, Bill Hendricks, and Kevin Mahoney

New Faculty Handbooks Guide
By Kathi S. Wescott

AAUP Names New Academe Editor
By Robin K. Burns

CAUT Censures University
By Jordan E. Kurland