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January-February 2011

Volume 97, Number 1



Academic Freedom and the Corporate University
By Jennifer Washburn
Stronger faculty governance and standards can protect independent research.

Human Rights, Academic Freedom, and Offshore Academics
By Andrew Ross
The rush to create universities abroad can come at a high cost.

Defending Academic Freedom in the Age of Garcetti
By Joan DelFattore
Clear university policies can help faculty members defend basic academic freedoms.

The Ivory Ceiling of Service Work
By Joya Misra, Jennifer Hickes Lundquist, Elissa Holmes, and Stephanie Agiomavritis
Women associate professors provide more service and get promoted more slowly.

A Midcareer Feminist Reflection
By Renata Kobetts Miller
Women’s majority status in the humanities brings obligations.

Labor Pains in the Academy
By Lisa M. Tillmann
Inside each of us are many lives competing to be lived.

How to Publish without Financially Perishing
By Rodney P. Mock, Arline Savage, and Mark G. Simkin
Authors are increasingly responsible for defending themselves against lawsuits.

Nota Bene

Faculty in Action at Bowie State
By Gwendolyn Bradley


Book Reviews

The University as a Sacred Space
Reviewed by Robert Engvall

A Novel Departure
Reviewed by Isaac Sweeney