Supreme Court Decision in Janus v. AFSCME

By Kelly Hand

The US Supreme Court’s disap­pointing decision in Janus v. AFSCME undermines the freedom of faculty members at public insti­tutions to join together to create better colleges and universities. Siding with wealthy interests, a narrow majority ruled in June that individuals who are represented by unions but are not union members cannot be required to pay their fair share of the costs of negotiating the wages, benefits, and protections of a collectively bargained contract. The Janus case and similar court cases and legislative initiatives are part of a broader effort to diminish the rights of working people.

The AAUP will continue working with members—both in nonunion advocacy chapters and in collective bargaining chapters—to strengthen higher education, protect academic freedom, and improve working conditions for all faculty members. As educators and advocates, we remain committed to supporting challenging learning environments that prepare students to participate as well-educated citi­zens in a vital democracy.

You can learn more about the Janus case at From that web page, leaders of AAUP union chapters have access to new and updated resources about the impact of the decision.

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