Resources on Turning Point USA

By Kelly Hand

As part of a campaign to document and counteract the targeted harassment of faculty, the AAUP has developed a series of informational resources about Turning Point USA. This right-wing nonprofit organization—funded by wealthy and often anonymous donors—profiles professors it considers “leftist” on its Professor Watchlist website, establishes student chapters on college and university campuses, and supports conservative candidates in student government elections.

Our resources on Turning Point USA include a fact sheet, with sources that address the organization’s political agenda and inappropriate use of charitable funds, and practical advice about what to do if Turning Point USA becomes active on your campus. A video of a Facebook Live discussion, recorded in March, on organizing in the current political environment offers additional analysis of and guidance about the threat to academic freedom that Turning Point USA poses. Visit to find the resources and learn more.


I have begun writing fact checks of Charlie Kirk and Turning Point

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