One Faculty, One Resistance Website

By Mariah Quinn

Democracy thrives on dissent, critical inquiry, freedom of speech, and freedom in research. Today, more than ever, these principles are under attack. In October, the AAUP launched a new website as part of the One Faculty, One Resistance campaign, which brings together faculty, academic profes­sionals, and supporters from across the country to fight for higher education. The site serves as a hub for the AAUP’s work on fighting targeted harassment of faculty members, protecting academic freedom, and uniting the faculty. It gathers in one place a variety of resources—including AAUPreports, statements, articles, and FAQs—on the challenges now affecting faculty and offers ways for potential as well as current members to connect with digital organizing efforts.

Visit for more informa­tion, and encourage others to join us at this critical time.


Can AAUP give financial support to targeted members? What hashtags should we use when organizing events (the hashtag that mentions targeting faculty could be read as anti-faculty and pro-targeting so I won't be using that one-- maybe #academicfreedom #onefaculty #AAUP what?

Thank you for your work!

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