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Lead Organizer Appointment

By Kelly Hand

The AAUP is pleased to announce the appointment of Joshua Guy Lenes as lead organizer in the Department of Organizing and Services. Lenes has served as an AAUP organizer since 2015 and has been based both in Ohio and in Washington, DC. Prior to joining the AAUP’s staff, he worked as an organizer with faculty at the University of Central Florida and with K–12 teachers in the Florida Education Association.

In his new AAUP position, Lenes will play a lead role in developing and implementing organizing plans for collective bargaining and non-collective bargaining environments, including those in “right-to-work” states. As the AAUP enhances its use of new digital tools for organizing, he will also focus on collecting and analyzing campaign data for strategic planning.


When the Manchester, NH campus of Springfield College, School of Professional and Continuing Studies (SPCS) closed in December, the administration refused to offer our only tenured professor an option to transfer to another site because “they didn’t have to.”
Ironically, our program had a strong social justice component.  Our core classes taught about the struggle for labor rights, civil rights, and human rights.  Our faculty included adjuncts who were union members in our primary jobs with experience in negotiating terms and conditions of employment, including layoff language.  Yet, we didn’t organize at SPCS. And then it was too late.  
In welcoming Joshua, let’s remember that a staff organizer can’t do it alone. Faculty and staff must step up to take our place with our brothers and sisters in organized labor. I’ll close this cautionary tale by reminding all who work in academia that the old labor slogan applies in the ivory tower as much as the factory floor:  United we bargain, divided we beg.
Kate McGovern, MPA, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty, SPCS

[email protected]

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