Academe Now Available through JSTOR

By Michael Ferguson

Many Academe readers now have online access to back issues of Academe magazine and its predecessor, the AAUP Bulletin, thanks to an agreement between JSTOR and the AAUP. JSTOR, a not-for-profit service, provides digital archives of more than twelve hundred journals through a database that is widely used by faculty members, students, and other researchers. In addition to Academe, JSTOR will digitize the new Bulletin of the AAUP, an annual publication that will include official Association reports.

Participation in JSTOR offers numerous benefits. Individuals with access to JSTOR are currently able to search the full text of all articles and reports published by the Association from its founding in 1915 through 2006. (A three-year “moving wall” prevents JSTOR users from accessing the most recent issues of Academe; articles from those issues are available online.  With more than six thousand institutional subscribers worldwide, JSTOR will make AAUP publications available to large numbers of researchers— including many who are not now familiar with the AAUP. Finally, because JSTOR provides digital replicas of original journal pages, the inclusion of AAUP publications in the database will support long-term efforts to preserve Association history and protect fragile print archives.

To learn more about JSTOR, and to find out if your institution offers access to the database, visit or contact a librarian on your campus.