2004: Resolution in Support of the Association of University Teachers (AUT) and the Faculty of Nottingham University

Roger Bowen introduced a proposed resolution, which was drafted in response to a request by the Association of University Teachers (United Kingdom) concerning a serious faculty controversy at
Nottingham University. The Council adopted the following Resolution in Support of the Association of University Teachers (AUT) and the Faculty of Nottingham University:

WHEREAS the University of Nottingham has unilaterally imposed performance-related pay, new grading structures which reduce future earnings, and inferior pension arrangements upon members of the AUT at the university; and

WHEREAS these impositions are in direct contravention of the collective agreement reached between AUT and the national university employers in March 2004; and

WHEREAS the AAUP has affirmed that where a faculty chooses collective bargaining, the administration has a corresponding obligation to bargain in good faith; and

WHEREAS the AAUP has established that collective bargaining should give the faculty an effective voice in decisions that vitally affect the faculty's professional well-being, and that such decisions are explicitly understood to include the allocation of financial resources and the determination of faculty salaries and benefits;

Be it now RESOLVED that the American Association of University Professors:

1. calls upon Nottingham University to honor its previous commitment to negotiate a pay and grading settlement in line with that agreed upon by the national university employers and AUT in March 2004;

2. will communicate its concerns directly to senior administrators at Nottingham University; and

3. will post the full text of this resolution, as well as links to the appropriate AUT Web pages, to the AAUP's national Web site.