2013 AAUP Updates

06.15.2013 | AAUP Presents Award for Excellence in Coverage of Higher Education

This year’s shared award represents an acknowledgment that these two series represent the best kind of tough-minded, public-good journalism,  an achievement that is especially notable given the limited resources of newspapers today.

06.06.2013 | Committee on Women in the Academic Profession Offers Both Praise and Suggestions

The United States Departments of Justice and Education responded to the AAUP's Committee on Women in the Academic Profession's June letter concerning the resolution agreement regarding an investigation of the University of Montana's handling of allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

05.30.2013 | AAUP Releases New Draft Report

This draft statement discusses communication between faculties and governing boards in colleges and universities and urges increased faculty-board communication.

05.10.2013 | AAUP Statement on Academic Boycotts

The recent decision by noted physicist Stephen Hawking to call off plans to attend a major conference in Israel out of deference to an academic boycott advocated by some pro-Palestinian groups and the vote in late April by the membership of the Association for Asian American Studies to endorse such a boycott have again raised the issue of whether such boycotts violate the principles of academic freedom.

05.07.2013 | Proposed Changes to AAUP Constitution

At its November 2012 meeting, the AAUP Council approved a number of proposed amendments to the AAUP Constitution that are recommended for adoption by the 2013 Annual Meeting. 

05.07.2013 | AAUP Letter in Response to Threats to Student

The AAUP's Committee on Women, responding to threats of sexual violence against a University of Connecticut student who issued an open letter to university president Susan Herbst, wrote President Herbst  urging the university to commit time and resources to the development of sound policies and procedures for managing sexual assault on campus.

04.30.2013 | AAUP Announces Winner of 2013 Sternberg Award

This year’s Sternberg Award committee is pleased to announce Janet Golden of Rutgers University, Camden as the winner of the 2013 Marilyn Sternberg Award. The committee was especially impressed by Janet’s work on the campaign to “Save Rutgers Camden.”

04.24.2013 | UT Nursing Faculty Vote for Collective Bargaining

The faculty of the University of Toledo College of Nursing have voted for collective bargaining and will form a unit as part of the UT-AAUP.