2013 AAUP Updates

12.23.2013 | Kansas AAUP Conference Statement

The social media policy passed last week by the Kansas Board of Regents is ill conceived and should be rescinded, says a statement issued by the AAUP's Kansas conference

12.20.2013 | Academic Freedom Violated at University of Colorado

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) joins its Colorado state conference in condemning the University of Colorado-Boulder's treatment of sociology professor Patricia Adler.

12.20.2013 | Social Media Policy Violates Academic Freedom

The AAUP condemns as a gross violation of the fundamental principles of academic freedom a new Kansas Board of Regents rules under which faculty and other employees may be suspended, dismissed or terminated from employment for “improper use of social media.”

12.19.2013 | AAUP Colorado Conference Condemns University

This statement condemns the University of Colorado’s treatment of a sociology professor as a clear violation of academic freedom and an unwarranted infringement on her professional obligation to choose effective instructional methods to communicate disciplinary knowledge in her classroom.

12.17.2013 | Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Governance Violations at Northeastern Illinois University

This report deals with the Chicago university's denying tenure to a candidate who had opposed administrators.

12.16.2013 | AAUP Statement on ASA Vote

The AAUP today released a statement on the vote announced this morning by the membership of the American Studies Association (ASA) to endorse an academic boycott of Israel. While the AAUP takes no position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we have opposed all academic boycotts in principle since 2005 when we published our report On Academic Boycotts.

12.06.2013 | Open Letter to Members of the American Studies Association

The AAUP, which opposes academic boycotts as violations of academic freedom, is disappointed by the ASA council’s vote and urges ASA members to reject this resolution.

12.06.2013 | In New Hampshire, Lecturers Bid for Union

Elections are being held February 12 and 20 for full-time non-tenure-track lecturers at the University of New Hampshire, who have launched a bid to form a union chapter of the AAUP.