2015 AAUP In the News

12.28.2015 | Faculty at Iowa Universities Condemn 'Unpresidential' Remark

Faculty groups at Iowa public universities condemned controversial University of Iowa president Bruce Harreld's comment that unprepared teachers “should be shot” and called on the Board of Regents to “revisit” its decision to hire him.

12.24.2015 | AAUP Faculty Group Seeks Inquiry on College of Saint Rose Cuts

The AAUP plans to launch an investigation into faculty and program cuts at the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY. Faculty members held rallies and protested lack of faculty involvement and adherence to shared governance principles.

12.20.2015 | As Public Funding of Universities Dwindles, Faculty Are Organizing

As public funding declines, corporate money and leadership styles take root in the university and the adjunct and contingent labor force grows. Howard Bunsis, chair of the AAUP's Collective Bargaining Congress, says that "the reduction in tenure-track hiring is the number one driver of unionization campaigns among part-time adjuncts and non-tenure-track full-timers, campaigns that have led to successful unionization on 42 campuses since January 2013."

12.15.2015 | Adjuncts at Emerson's Los Angeles Campus Unionize

Part-time faculty members at Emerson College’s Los Angeles campus voted 16-0 to form a union affiliated with the AAUP. The 22 new bargaining unit members join part-time faculty at the college’s main campus in Boston, who already are represented by the AAUP. 

12.11.2015 | Refusing to Be Evaluated by a Formula

Rutgers faculty members, citing philosophical concerns and errors, push back against the use of corporate software "Academic Analytics" to evaluate their productivity. “I think in everybody in academia has an interest in collective and individual measures of productivity, but these are very blunt forms of measurement,” said David Hughes, a professor of anthropology and president of Rutgers’ AAUP-AFT union chapter.

12.10.2015 | National Group Issues Report Critical of Regents' Process to Hire Bruce Harreld

AAUP issued a report on the University of Iowa's presidential search. “[T]he board constructed the process in an attempt to preclude any meaningful faculty role in the selection of the final candidate. At that sole but crucial point, the board treated the faculty as irrelevant,” the authors wrote.

12.09.2015 | EMU Regents Don’t Vote on Ending Ties with EAA

Despite protest and disapproval from the Eastern Michigan University community, the Board of Regents chose to postpone a vote on its involvement with the Education Achievement Authority (EAA), ensuring the partnership will last through most of 2016. EMU-AAUP president Howard Bunsis posited the board may act differently if members were elected by voters, rather than appointed by the governor.

12.08.2015 | The Assault on Climate Science

Michael E. Mann of the AAUP's Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee calls out the harassment of climate scientists. He decries Lamar Smith's (R-TX), subpoena to Kathryn D. Sullivan, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration administrator, demanding internal notes, emails and correspondence regarding a study its scientists published in the journal Science. This follows a trend in requests for scientists' and professors' personal emails and notes following climate-related studies and published works.