2015 AAUP In the News

12.07.2015 | Lingering Fallout From the Salaita Case

Jonathan Rees, PhD, Co-President of the AAUP Colorado Conference writes that while Salaita found a measure of justice in a settlement from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, an academic boycott of Illinois and other sanctions remain and work remains on the governance issue.

12.04.2015 | On Student Academic Freedom

AAUP vice president Henry Reichman asks "What does student academic freedom entail?"

11.30.2015 | FAS Senate Calls for Increased Input on Governance

A new report from Yale University's Faculty of Arts and Science Senate raises concerns about the University’s faculty-conduct standards and the review procedures for complaints of violations. The faculty argues that they had insufficient input in the drafting of these rules. Gregory Scholtz, Director of the AAUP’s Department of Academic Freedom, Tenure and Governance, calls the review procedures “seriously inadequate.”

11.29.2015 | Tenure policies violate standards, UW faculty leaders warn

Faculty leaders at three University of Wisconsin campuses sound the alarm about new tenure policies under consideration which jeopardize professional standards. A letter sent to the UW System Tenure Policy Task Force by chapter presidents of AAUP says draft policies "separate faculty from their primary responsibility for educational concerns."

11.13.2015 | Settling with Salaita

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign announced a $875,000 settlement on Thursday in its dispute with Steven Salaita, who was "unhired" in 2014 due to his controversial anti-Israel tweets. Noting that it was premature to say how the settlement would affect UIUC's current status as a censured institution, Henry Reichman, chair of the AAUP's Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure, said the association is "willing and able to continue working with the university to see it get off the censure list."

11.10.2015 | University of Illinois Nears Settlement with Controversial Professor

The University of Illinois has reached a tentative settlement with Steven Salaita, whose offer of a tenured position at the Urbana-Champaign campus was rescinded in August 2014 due to Salaita's anti-Israel comments on Twitter. The university's trustees will vote on the settlement Thursday. The AAUP censured the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign following a report concluding that its actions "cast a pall of uncertainty over the degree to which academic freedom is understood and respected."

11.02.2015 | The Case for Better Faculty Pay

A recent study demonstrates that higher spending on instruction yields positive outcomes—including better employment results—for undergraduates, especially disadvantaged students. AAUP senior higher education researcher John Barnshaw said, “There’s a sea change in higher education with the widespread use of part-time faculty, and this is more evidence controlling for several important factors of the impact of instructional expenditures.”

11.02.2015 | Defending Affirmative Action

The American Council on Education, representing the AAUP and 36 other groups, submitted an amicus brief in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, a US Supreme Court case addressing the validity of race as a factor in student admissions. The brief argues that “For courts to override educators’ reasoned judgment on how and what kinds of diversity yield educational benefit would truncate American colleges’ and universities’ historic right to assemble students in a way that fits the institutions’ educational philosophies and contexts.”