AAUP Faculty Gender Equity Indicators 2006

The report AAUP Faculty Gender Equity Indicators 2006 provides data on four measures of gender equity for faculty at over 1,400 colleges and universities across the country. The individual campus listings included in the report will serve to promote discussion of faculty gender equity at the local level, where the success of existing strategies to improve the situation of women academics can best be evaluated. In this way, the AAUP hopes to move discussions about the full participation of women as faculty from the realm of abstract goals into concrete actions for improvement.

The four indicators compared in the report for men and women faculty are employment status (full- and part-time); tenure status for full-time faculty; promotion to full professor rank; and average salary for full-time faculty. The report consists of three sections: an article on “Organizing around Gender Equity ,” authored jointly by Professor Martha West of the University of California, Davis, and John W. Curtis, AAUP Director of Research and Public Policy; aggregate national tables for each of the four equity indicators by type of institution; and an appendix listing the four indicators for each individual college and university. Data for the report are drawn primarily from the AAUP Faculty Compensation Survey, with additional data on part-time faculty from the U.S. Department of Education.

Download the entire report as a pdf file.