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Table 3: Policies Specifically Addressing Qualifications and Evaluation of Part-Time Faculty



Middle States commission
  • “Criteria for the appointment, supervision,and review of teaching effectiveness for part-time, adjunct, and other faculty[should be] consistent with those for full-time-faculty.”
New England commission
  • “The preparation and qualifications of all faculty are appropriate.”
  • “The institution has equitable and broadbased procedures for . . . evaluation applying to both full- and part-time faculty.”
North Central commission
  • Accreditation guidelines request information on evaluation of part-time faculty (appendix).
Northwest commission
  • Part-time faculty should be “qualified by academic background, degree(s), and/or professional experience to carry out their teaching assignment and/or other prescribed duties and responsibilities.”
Southern commission
  • Institutions should report the qualifications of full- and part-time faculty.
Western junior commission
  • None.
Western senior commission
  • None.