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Table 2: Employment Policies and Requirements for Training and Integration of Part-Time Faculty

Accreditor Policies and Requirements
Middle States commission
  • Employment policies and practices for part-time faculty “should be as carefully developed and communicated as those for full-time faculty. The greater the dependence on such employees, the greater is the institutional responsibility to provide orientation, oversight, evaluation, professional development, and opportunities for integration into the life of the institution.”
New England commission
  • “Faculty categories (e.g., full-time, parttime, adjunct) are clearly defined by the institution. . . . Should part-time or adjunct faculty be utilized, the institution has in place policies governing their role.” 
  • “Institutions that employ a significant proportion of part-time, adjunct, clinical, or temporary faculty assure their appropriate integration into the department and institution and provide opportunities for faculty development.” • “All faculty pursue scholarship designed to ensure they are current in the theory, knowledge, skills, and pedagogy of their discipline or profession.”
North Central commission
  • None.
Northwest commission
  • “Employment practices for part-time and adjunct faculty include dissemination of information regarding the institution, the work assignment, rights and responsibilities, and conditions of employment.”
Southern commission
  • None.
Western junior commission
  • None.
Western senior commission
  • Institutions should have policies “designed to integrate part-time faculty appropriately into the life of the institution.”