Teaching Evaluation

Teaching Evaluation Survey

The AAUP's Committee on Teaching, Research, and Publications conducted a survey in fall 2014 about teaching evaluation practices and made a presentation about the findings at the AAUP's 2015 Annual Conference on the State of Higher Education. You can read a news article about the presentation here.

AAUP Policy Statements, Reports & Analysis 

 Statement on Teaching Evaluation. 1975.

 Observations on the Association’s Statement on Teaching Evaluation. 2005.

 Mandated Assessment of Educational Outcomes. 1991.

"Participation in Evaluation," Section 3C of Inclusion in Governance of Faculty Holding Contingent Appointments. 2014.

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Other AAUP Resources

Webinar on Teaching Evaluation. This webinar, presented by Craig Vasey, Daniel Murphy, and Linda Carroll, discussed trends and areas of concern in teaching evaluation, drawn from a survey of over nine thousand faculty. It also reviewed AAUP policies on teaching evaluation.

Feature Articles and News from Academe, Magazine of the AAUP

Opinions expressed in Academe's contributed feature articles and reviews are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the policies of the AAUP.

How Do We Evaluate Teaching? By Craig Vasey and Linda Carroll. Academe, May–June 2016.