2017 AAUP Updates

01.30.2017 | Reject Betsy DeVos's Nomination

We urge the United States Senate to reject Betsy DeVos’s nomination as education secretary. In both ideology and practice she has violated the principles of quality education that the AAUP has defended for over a century.

01.30.2017 | Jeff Sessions Unfit for Attorney General

The AAUP urges the Senate not to confirm Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General. His voting record in the US Senate demonstrates his disregard for many of the laws and programs he would be responsible for enforcing as attorney general.

01.18.2017 | FAQs for Faculty After the 2016 Election

The AAUP and the American Federation of Teachers prepared and distributed resources addressing frequently asked questions about discussing the 2016 election in the classroom, responding to intimidation and threats, and other issues. 

01.13.2017 | A Concerted Attack on Academic Freedom

Legislators in Missouri and Iowa have introduced legislation that would eliminate tenure for faculty at public institutions in these states. The AAUP opposes both pieces of proposed legislation.

01.04.2017 | 11,000+ Faculty and Supporters Say: Add My Name to #ProfessorWatchlist

The AAUP delivered an open letter to Turning Point USA, criticizing its watch list and requesting that the names of more than 11,000 faculty and supporter signatories be added in a show of solidarity with those listed.

11.22.2016 | The Atmosphere on Campus in the Wake of the Elections

We condemn the spike in hate crimes and harassment on campus since the election. We call on faculty and administrators to speak out against them and to support all efforts to ensure that campus communities are welcoming and inclusive, including through the establishment of sanctuary campuses to protect undocumented students.

11.21.2016 | AAUP Joins 100+ Organizations Calling on Trump to Speak Out Against Hate

The American Association of University Professors joined the American Federation of Teachers, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and more than 100 other organizations in a letter calling on president-elect Donald Trump to denounce acts of hate on college campuses and elsewhere.

11.17.2016 | Problematic Decisionmaking at Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne

An announcement that the Purdue University board of trustees has ordered the administration to suspend, eliminate, and merge some thirty programs, majors, and departments raises concerns. These actions, which the faculty senate apparently did not even consider, much less approve, appear fundamentally inconsistent with normative standards of academic governance.