2021 AAUP Updates

01.25.2021 | Program Closures and Terminations at Concordia University Chicago

The AAUP sent a letter to the president of Concordia University Chicago, Russell P. Dawn, regarding recent actions by the CUC governing board and administration to suspend key provisions in the faculty handbook, discontinue academic programs, and terminate faculty appointments. Following a "program prioritization process," the university terminated the services of fifty-one members of the faculty and staff, including long-serving faculty members with tenure.

01.19.2021 | 1776 Report Distorts the Past and Disregards the Truth

The 1776 Report, released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, is an attack on the socially progressive and antiracist goals that King worked toward. The report, which was issued by a commission appointed by President Trump last fall in response to the New York Times's 1619 Project and to racial justice demonstrations, is based on falsehoods but poses as history.

01.08.2021 | President Trump Must Be Removed

The AAUP calls for the immediate removal of President Trump from office and fully supports all legal efforts to remove him.

01.06.2021 | Assault on the Capitol

The AAUP is appalled by the assault on the US Capitol today. The current administration’s attacks on truth, inflammatory rhetoric, and baseless objections to the result of a free and fair election have now led to violence, highlighting the precarious state of our democracy. We look forward to working with the new administration, Senate, and House to strengthen our democracy and to strengthen our education system, a key underpinning of a functional democracy.