2017 AAUP In the News

08.04.2015 | Walker's Toxic Policy Puts Academic Independence in Jeopardy

In his op-ed citing AAUP policy, AAUP member David Vanness warns, "If Walker's dismal record on Wisconsin's economic well-being relative to its peers is any indicator of the future impact of his policies for the UW system, we in Wisconsin have great reason to be concerned. With his recently announced candidacy to become president, perhaps we all should be concerned."

07.16.2015 | State Budget Leaves Future of Tenure Uncertain

In addition to no longer having tenure defined by state statutes, in 2014-’15, UW-Madison ranked lowest among 11 “peer schools” in terms of average salaries paid to full professors, falling 11 percent behind the median salary of those schools, according to an AAUP report.

07.15.2015 | At Wash. U. and Webster, a Fight to Unionize Adjunct Professors

Even as administrators' salaries have grown exponentially, so too has the percentage of college-level instructors who are part-time adjuncts. In 1975, 43 percent of U.S. college instructors were adjuncts or contingent workers, according to the AAUP. By 2011, that figure had climbed to 70 percent.

07.10.2015 | AAUP Backs Fired LSU Professor

“Maybe to a few people it’s unsettling, but we have a case where the worst things she is accused of doing are, at regular, secular universities, run-of-the-mill stuff these days,” said Jordan E. Kurland, the AAUP’s associate general secretary. “Nobody would bat an eye.”

07.06.2015 | Nearly a Year Later, Fallout From Salaita Case Lingers on Campuses

"Whenever a really big academic-freedom case spills out like this, it often has a salutary effect in that people have concrete discussions about what does it mean, what is appropriate discussion. That is a good thing," says Henry F. Reichman, chairman of the AAUP’s Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure. Also, read Henry Reichman's Academe Blog post.

07.01.2015 | Threat to Faculty Unions

“If the Supreme Court rules that ‘fair share’ violates the First Amendment rights of public employees, they would transform the entire public sector into right to work, more appropriately named ‘right to freeload,’” said Rudy Fichtenbaum, AAUP president.

06.29.2015 | Social Media Causes Academic Freedom Concern

Hans-Joerg Tiede, member of the AAUP's Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure, discusses social media, academic freedom and censure with the DeKalb Daily Chronicle.

06.29.2015 | Nevada Higher Ed Officials Quashed Report Critical of Their Management

"Academic freedom is an important concept in higher education — so much so that the AAUP formally censures institutions that try to prevent faculty members from publishing legitimate research results that might be controversial or politically unpopular."