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It’s Not Much Fun to Lose Your Name

AAUP President Cary Nelson issued  a statement today about a proposed plan by an appointed commission suggesting that Rutgers-Camden be broken away from Rutgers University and merged with Rowan University.

Opposition to Proposed Restructuring at Rutgers–Camden

Students, faculty, and staff at Rutgers University–Camden are protesting a planned move that would sever their campus from the statewide Rutgers system and merge it with Rowan University twenty miles to the south. Proponents of the change, including New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, say it is meant to help promote higher education opportunities in the southern part of the state. Opponents, including the Rutgers Council of AAUP Chapters, say the move may be meant only to enhance the image of Rowan’s medical school when it opens later this year.

Rutgers, Inc., or How Thorstein Veblen Explains Today’s Policies in Higher Education

On April 3, 2013, Rutgers University head basketball coach Mike Rice was fired for abusing his players. The university’s president had discovered the abuse in November 2012. This delay is representative of the wider institutional culture in modern American universities.

Championing Academic Freedom at Rutgers: The Genovese Affair and the Teach-In of April 1965

This essay discusses Rutgers University's defense of the academic freedom of history professor Eugene D. Genovese, who made controversial remarks at a teach-in on the Vietnam War. 

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