Corporate Funding

A Not-So-Slippery Slope

It’s not slippery. It’s simple. By accepting research funding from the tobacco industry, universities risk their integrity, values, and public trust.

When Research Turns to Sludge

It’s not just corporate funding that creates conflicts of interest. Even government and nonprofit funding can have strings attached.

BP, Corporate R&D, and the University

Some lessons from the oil spill are simple: public universities should not agree to restrictive contracts that limit research, publication, or transparency.

Big Oil Bankrolls Research at U.S. Universities

Last month, the Center for American Progress released a new report, Big Oil Goes to College, documenting how, over the past decade, oil companies and other energy firms have underwritten more than $800 million in energy research at prominent U.S. universities, with few safeguards in place to protect academic autonomy, scientific objectivity, or scholarly independence.

From the President: Corporate-Funded Research

Shortly after the news broke that BP was issuing research contracts with unusually restrictive provisions to scientists doing research on the Gulf oil spill, I published a statement of concern in Inside Higher Ed.

Beyond the Academic-Corporate Divide

Intercourse with business doesn't have to be a nasty affair.

Don’t Know Much Biology

For a decade, I’ve used zoological metaphors to capture the complex relationship between arch-conservative foundations and higher education. At times, I may have stretched the metaphors to where they lost both illustrative power and accuracy. I said things about how barracudas reproduce, for example, that I’m not sure would have passed muster with my fisheries-biologist father. As end-of-grade testing approaches, I’ve resolved to tighten my metaphors, even if some are left behind. If you all could sharpen your number-two pencils?

When Billionaires Become Educational Experts

“Venture philanthropists” push for the privatization of public education.

Curriculum For Sale?

Conservative philanthropy in North Carolina comes at a price.


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