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City University of New York

Academic Freedom and Tenure: City University of New York

Report discussing the decision made by the central administration of the City University of New York and deals with the issues of academic freedom, due process, collective bargaining, and national security.

A College Education? Or Diminished Expectations?

The new, “reimagined” CUNY community college marches students to terminal degrees in narrow fields.

CUNY Pathways Project Questioned

On Thursday, January 12, responding to complaints received from faculty leaders at the City University of New York, the AAUP sent a letter (.pdf) to the CUNY chancellor and board chair setting forth the Association’s concerns relating to the adoption by the administration and governing board of the “Pathways to Degree Completion” initiative.

AAUP Concerns Over Pathways Rekindled

The AAUP sent a letter to CUNY Chancellor Goldstein expressing concerns over an e-mail message from Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs Karen Steele threatening sweeping reprisals against the English department following its rejection of proposed curricular changes relating to the teaching of composition courses mandated under the Pathways initiative.

The Road to Pathways

To regard teachers—in our entire educational system, from the primary grades to the university—as the priests of our democracy is not to indulge in hyperbole. It is the special task of teachers to foster those habits of open-mindedness and critical inquiry which alone make for responsible citizens. —Justice Felix Frankfurter, Wieman v. Updegraff


“I Have No Idea What You Do Out Here”: Community Colleges, Academic Freedom, and the University as Global Marketplace

We are professors of history and English, respectively, at Kingsborough Community College, located in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. Founded in 1963 during a rapid nationwide expansion of community colleges, Kingsborough, which serves some thirty thousand students a year, is one of six two-year institutions that are part of the City University of New York, the nation’s third-largest university system. Kingsborough is perched on Brooklyn’s Atlantic edge, on the site of a former merchant marine facility.

CUNY and the Erosion of Public Higher Education

The crisis of CUNY, the City University of New York, has finally entered the public arena. As David Chen pointed out in a May 2016 article in the New York Times, and as many others have observed, conditions at CUNY have become untenable: buildings are falling apart; mice and roaches are common; ceilings leak; elevators and bathrooms don’t work.

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