September-October 2011

Volume 97, Number 5



Strangers on a Train
By Cathy N. Davidson
A chance encounter during a commute provides a lesson on complicity and crisis.

Making It
By Monica F. Jacobe
Many faculty members can’t help deliver the mythical ticket to middle-class transformation.

A Price above Rubrics
By Iain Pears
A British higher education system that was once a jewel is disintegrating.

The Real Language Crisis
By Russell A. Berman
Cuts to second-language teaching are creating cross-cultural illiterates.

Memory Loss
By Anne Cassebaum
A highly tiered system of inequality among faculty wasn’t always such a given.

Gay Rights on Campus, circa 2011
By Elizabeth P. Cramer and Charles H. Ford
The climate for LGBT people on campuses remains cloudy and unstable.

An AAUP Chapter Can Transform Your Campus
By Cary Nelson
The local still matters.

Nota Bene

Summer Institute
By Gwendolyn Bradley

DREAM Act Testimony
By Gwendolyn Bradley

Save Our Schools
By Gwendolyn Bradley


Book Reviews

Academics Adrift?
Reviewed by Sarah E. Igo

The Humanities on Life Support
Reviewed by Ellen Schrecker

Chapter Profile