2012: Resolution on a Charge to the Committee on the Organization of the Association regarding AAUP Elections

The Council approved the following resolution regarding elections and the AAUP Constitution:

The Council hereby charges the Committee on the Organization of the Association with reviewing proposed constitutional amendments which were developed with the assistance of outside labor counsel. The Council requests that the committee analyze the various permutations relating to the proposed constitutional changes and offer opinion and judgment on the manner in which to amend the constitution to enable the Association to move away from an annual election cycle. The Council asks the committee to consult with the Nominating Committee and the Election Committee, as necessary, for their input based on experiences from the most recent election process, and the Council further requests that the Committee on the Organization of the Association prepare and present thoroughly developed constitutional amendment proposals to the November 2012 Council meeting with the stated goal of recommending to the June 2013 annual meeting final amendments to the Association’s constitution.

Kerry Grant, chair of the Committee on the Organization of the Association, asked Council members to indicate whether they preferred a one-year, two-year, or three-year election cycle, and the members indicated two years. He asked about the preference for two-year or four-year terms of Council membership, and they indicated four years.

The Council also approved the following resolution regarding the status and term on the Council of immediate past-chairs of the Assembly of State Conferences and the Collective Bargaining Congress: “The Association’s Council hereby interprets Article IV, paragraph 1, of the AAUP Constitution to mean that in those instances where reelection of a sitting ASC and/or CBC chair(s) results in the term of service of the immediate past chair( s) lasting for more than five total years, the immediate past-chair(s) may remain on the Council as a nonvoting member. The nonvoting term of service shall not exceed one additional year, or six total years of service, because of term limits of the sitting chairs of the ASC (ASC Constitution Section 1 and Section 4) and the CBC (CBC Bylaws Article IV, paragraph B).”