2010: Recommendation on Nominations for Council Membership

The Council approved the following resolution proposed by its executive committee regarding nomination of candidates for Council positions for the 2010–11 election cycle:

WHEREAS, the Council of the American Association of University Professors desires to provide guidance to the AAUP Nominating Committee in its selection of candidates for the 2010-11 election of Council members;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that any person who is a member in good standing of the AAUP at the time of nomination, at the commencement of balloting, and thereafter if elected, and who presents (or for whom is presented) to the Nominating Committee by the date below the written endorsements of six active members of the Association, and who accepts nomination if nominated by another, shall be placed by the Nominating Committee on the ballot for election to the AAUP Council during the 2010–11 election cycle;

RESOLVED, that all petitions or endorsements for nomination to Council shall be submitted to the AAUP Nominating Committee no later than November 1, 2010, with the Nominating Committee to issue its report on or before November 12, 2010;

RESOLVED, that all candidates must identify whether they wish to run as district-elected members or at-large members of Council;

RESOLVED, that Article V, Section 2 of the AAUP Constitution, stating that “the Nominating Committee shall nominate two active members of the Association for each position to be filled,” is hereby interpreted to mean that the Nominating Committee shall nominate at least two active members of the Association for each position to be filled; namely, all those fulfilling the conditions set out in the first Resolved paragraph;

RESOLVED, that the Nominating Committee shall notify the membership, or the relevant portion thereof, two weeks prior to November 1, 2010, if an insufficient number of candidates have been submitted for a particular position; and

RESOLVED, that the Executive Committee of the AAUP is directed to consider this matter further and propose modifications to the nomination process, possibly including amendments to the AAUP Constitution, for consideration by the Council in November 2010.

In addition, the Council approved a motion to amend the Election Bylaws to reflect the resolution just passed as well as several minor housekeeping changes. Specifically, Section I.A was revised to indicate that the Nominating Committee’s report shall be completed in time for publication to the membership sufficiently in advance of the election, rather than specifically in the November–December Academe; Section I.B was revised to incorporate the dates and specifics set out in the resolution for the 2010–11 election; and Section I.C.2 was revised to add “district-elected” before “Council nominees.”