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Social Protest and the Future of Higher Education in Puerto Rico

Hidden from the eyes of the world, the most intense struggle for democracy and public education since the 1960s is now under way in Puerto Rico. The outcome is uncertain.

Budget Cuts and Educational Quality

Policy makers—and the public—need to understand the potentially devastating effects of cuts to higher education.

New Universities

For public universities in states like Washington, the temptation to privatize is becoming overwhelming.

Intellectual Life and the University of Commerce

A revaluation of teaching could help British universities cope with the government’s destructive reforms.

Academic Freedom and Indentured Students

Discussion of academic freedom usually focuses on faculty, and it usually refers to speech. That is the gist of the 1915 General Report of the Committee on Academic Freedom and Academic Tenure, appearing in the inaugural AAUP Bulletin as a kind of mission statement. The report invokes the ideals of the German tradition, “Lehrfreiheit and Lernfreiheit,” or freedom of teachers and freedom of students, in the first sentence, but the remainder of the document talks about the freedom of professors.

Occupy Education

March 1 was a national day of action for the Occupy Education movement. At campuses across the country, students, faculty, and staff organized protests, marches, sit-ins, and other nonviolent actions to draw attention to funding cuts, student debt, and the growing corporatization of higher education.

From the Editor: No Entrance

Three years ago, I became the editor of Academe. This is my last issue. Editing the magazine has been enormously rewarding.

Though I’m a pessimist, I often remain cheerful. Even when I think the glass is two-thirds empty, I can find ways to enjoy whatever juice is left in the bottom. Still, I’m shocked by how much worse off higher education is now than it was when I became editor. By almost every measure. Of all of the things that dismay and exercise me, of the multitude of scandals and crises in higher education, one subsumes them all.

New Ways to Fund Higher Ed?

The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education has released three working papers with ideas on ways to fund higher education. One, by AAUP president Rudy Fichtenbaum, explains how to achieve vastly improved funding for higher education through a miniscule tax on selected financial transactions. Learn how to add your voice to the conversation.

Annual Meeting Passes Three Resolutions

On Saturday, June 15, 2013,  the AAUP's Ninety-ninth Annual Meeting passed the following three resolutions: Resolution Supporting The Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act, Resolution in Support of Faculty Control of the Curriculum at the City University of New York, and a resolution on “Profile for a Twenty-First-Century President”


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