Restructuring Changes in Effect

By Kelly Hand

As a result of the restructuring process approved by votes at the June 2019 annual meeting and AAUP-Collective Bargaining Congress regular meeting, important changes to how the AAUP operates took effect on January 1 under a new constitution. The AAUP-CBC has been folded into the AAUP, and leaders of the AAUP-CBC Executive Committee will complete their terms as members of a transitional AAUP Council. The AAUP will continue to provide services and support for collective bargaining and advocacy chapters under the new structure, and online resources for unionized chapters formerly available on the AAUP-CBC website are now available on the AAUP website under the Chapter Resources menu heading.

In lieu of annual meetings, the AAUP will now hold biennial meetings, where elections for AAUP leadership positions will take place every two years. Delegates from chapters—including an at-large chapter for members not eligible for an existing local chapter—will vote by secret ballot, casting votes equal to the number of members in the chapter. Chapters with fewer than 250 members will be able to form one section per state to elect delegates to the biennial meeting.

This year’s election will occur on Saturday, June 20, during the second session of the biennial meeting, which is part of the June 18–21 AAUP Conference and Biennial Meeting. In January we posted a nomination notice on the AAUP website and circulated it by email to members; that information also appears in an ad on page 9 of this issue of Academe. Election information is available on the website at