Foundation Grants Advance Understanding of Academic Freedom

By Kelly Hand

As the charitable arm of the AAUP, the AAUP Foundation supports edu­cational programming and publica­tions that advance knowledge of ac­ademic freedom. Recent grants have provided funding for workshops at AAUP chapter campuses on defend­ing academic freedom and tenure; an academic freedom conference hosted by the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges; an Academic Freedom Week event at Columbia University; presentations by Christopher Newfield, author of The Great Mistake, at an Ohio AAUP conference meeting and at AAUP chapter campuses in Louisi­ana; and Scholars at Risk’s Student Advocacy Programs, which provide training to students on issues related to academic freedom.

AAUP Foundation grants cover costs related to the AAUP’s publication of materials address­ing academic freedom in Academe magazine and the annual Bulletin, including academic freedom and tenure investigative reports and investigating committee expenses. It also underwrites publication costs for the AAUP’s annual online Journal of Academic Freedom.

For information about our grant programs and application guidelines, visit

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