New Council Members Elected

By Sarah Mink

Delegates to the AAUP’s Biennial Association Meeting representing chapters and sections voted in June for one at-large and five regional members of the AAUP’s governing Council. This ends the Council’s transitional leadership phase, as its composition now reflects the plan outlined in the organizational restructuring that took effect in January 2020.

The newly elected at-large mem­ber is Ernesto Longa (University of New Mexico), and the newly elected regional Council members are Antonio Gallo (California State University, Northridge), region 1; Karin Rosemblatt (University of Maryland, College Park), region 2; John McNay (University of Cin­cinnati), region 3; Donna Murch (Rutgers University), region 4; and Davarian Baldwin (Trinity Col­lege), region 5. The AAUP extends a warm welcome to the incoming members of the Council, who par­ticipated in online and in-person meetings over the summer.

Complete election results are available at