New AAUP Advocacy Chapters

By Chelsea Fowler

In the past two years, the AAUP has welcomed more than forty new or revitalized advocacy chapters. Advocacy chapters provide a vehicle through which faculty members can collectively respond to attacks on academic freedom, shared governance, and higher education as a common good. AAUP members have cited concerns about corporatization, legislative overreach, and the adjunctification of the profession as reasons for joining together to form new chapters.

“Academic freedom and shared governance are the foundation of US higher education. Joining the AAUP and forming a chapter are ways for faculty to hold administrations accountable for maintaining these standards. We’re excited to be working with all of these new chapters,” says Christopher Simeone, director of the AAUP’s Department of Organizing and Services.

Active AAUP chapters serve the profession at hundreds of colleges and universities. While all AAUP chapters promote core AAUP principles, additional chapter activities are determined by campus-level issues and needs as well as by the ability to engage in collective bargaining. For more information on starting an AAUP chapter on your campus, visit