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Fifty-year AAUP Members

Basil G. Anex
University of New Orleans

William D. Antonio
Washington, D.C.

Charles Berlin
Harvard University

David A. Berman
University of Southern California

Jesse S. Binford
University of South Florida

Edward M. Chudacoff
University of Michigan

Stephen G. Daitz
City College, City University of New York

Richard L. Davis
University of California, San Francisco

Malcolm P. Douglass
San Jose State University

Esther S. Elstun
George Mason University

Louise Evans
Beverly Hills, California

Ted J. Foster
Ohio University

Robert W. Gerstner
University of Illinois at Chicago

Bernard Gert
Dartmouth College

Harry J. Gray
University of Pennsylvania

Issac Greber
Case Western Reserve University

Cecil N. Hammonds
Kansas City, Missouri

James M. Heath
Bucknell University

Teruo Ishihara
Northern Arizona University

Allen I. Janis
University of Pittsburgh

Rogers P. Johnson
College of the Holy Cross

Paul J. Kellogg
University of Minnesota–Twin Cities

Stanley Kertzner
Hofstra University


Eric Klinger
University of Minnesota–Morris

Jon C. Leibman
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Valdis Leinieks
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Barbara K. Lewalski
Harvard University

John L. Mahoney
Boston College

Melvin Mencher
Columbia University

Roger G. Newton
Indiana University Bloomington

Lee C. Park
Johns Hopkins University

Donald S. Pitkin
Amherst College

George R. Prout
Harvard University

Donald H. Reiman
University of Delaware

Benjamin A. Richards
Ithaca College

James W. Ring
Hamilton College

Iris Rotberg
George Washington University

Gus Sacopulos
Indiana University Bloomington

Carl W. Schaefer
University of Connecticut

Seymour Slive
Harvard University

Melton V. Smith
Austin, Texas

Jack David Street
Beloit College

Judith J. Thomson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mary Ann Williams
University of California, Berkeley

Armon F. Yanders
University of Missouri


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