Fifty-Year AAUP Members

Harold J. Allen
Adelphi University

Charles L. Babcock
Ohio State University

Charles A. Baker
College of the Holy Cross

Sherwood O. Berg
South Dakota State University

W. Donald Bowles
American University

Beverly M. Boyd
University of Kansas

Alan R. Bromberg
Southern Methodist University

John M. Burke
St. Francis College

Donald G. Burkhard
University of Georgia

Donald L. Burkholder
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Martin J. Buss
Emory University

Joseph J. Chambliss
Rutgers University–New Brunswick

James R. Connor
University of Wisconsin at Whitewater

William E. Connor
Oregon Health and Science University

Mary C. Crichton
University of Michigan

Orrin K. Crosser
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Clarence M. Cunningham
Oklahoma State University

John C. Dawson
Grinnell College

George T. Dickie
Bradenton, Florida

Roger Eichhorn
University of Houston

William J. Fisher
East Tennessee State University

Michael W. Friedlander
Washington University in St. Louis

David W. Fuller
Tompkins Cortland Community College


Paul H. Gebhard
Indiana University Bloomington

David W. Hart
University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

W. Bruce Hawkins
Smith College

Ellis W. Hawley
University of Iowa

Alfred M. Holtzer
Washington University in St. Louis

William Iulo
Washington State University

Richard P. Jerrard
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

John I. Johnson, Jr.
Michigan State University

Robert B. Kaplan
University of Southern California

George A. Kateb
Princeton University

Peter B. Kenen
Princeton University

Vernon L. Kliewer
Indiana University Bloomington

Edward L. Kottick
University of Iowa

Charles J. Landesman, Jr.
City University of New York, Hunter College

Arnold D. Levine
West Virginia University

Barnet M. Levy
Englewood, New Jersey

Don B. Lichtenberg
Indiana University Bloomington

Lois E. Liebegott-Hesse
University of Akron

William G. Lister
Stony Brook University

Ralph A. Loomis
University of Michigan

Marion R. McCaulley
Carroll, Iowa

Joan M. Moon
University of Massachusetts, Boston

Julian L. Moynahan
Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Harland S. Nelson
Luther College

Joseph M. Notterman
Princeton University

George T. Okita
Northwestern University

Thomas J. Pace
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Otis A. Pease
University of Washington

Mario J. Poliferno
Trinity College (Conn.)

Edwin P. Prettyman
Ball State University

George Psathas
Boston University

John M. Purcell
State University of New York, College of Technology at Farmingdale

Helen F. Reichert
New York University

Wilfred T. Rouleau
Carnegie Mellon University

Murray Sachs
Brandeis University

H. Bradley Sagen
University of Iowa

Verne N. Schumaker
University of California, Los Angeles

Emil J. Slowinski, Jr.
Macalester College

Lee L. Snyder
Philadelphia University

Bernard Sohmer
City University of New York, City College

George Strauss
University of California, Berkeley

Ralph L. Sulerud
St. Paul, Minnesota

Mark W. Sullivan
Notre Dame de Namur University

Maurice D. Van Arsdol
Monterey Institute of International Studies

Robert H. Willoughby
Longy School of Music

M. Gordon Wolman
Johns Hopkins University

Frank A. Yett
Pasadena City College


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