Faculty Compensation Survey Data and 2018-19 Report

By Chelsea Fowler

The Annual Report on the Econom­ic Status of the Profession, 2018–19 and the accompanying summary tables and institutional appendices from the Faculty Compensation Survey are now available online at https://www.aaup.org/ares. The report will also be printed in August in the Bulletin of the American As­sociation of University Professors.

This year’s report includes data from more than 950 institutions and found that, on average, salaries for full-time faculty members at US colleges and universities are 2 percent higher in 2018–19 than they were in the preceding academic year. This is the third successive year that increases in average full-time faculty salaries have barely out­paced inflation. The data also show a significant gender salary gap, as women in full-time faculty posi­tions were paid, on average, 81.6 percent of the salaries of their male counterparts.

This year’s survey represents a new approach to collecting data on part-time faculty pay. More than 360 colleges and universities provided at least partial data on part-time faculty pay in the 2017–18 academic year for this year’s survey, making it the largest source for these data. The average pay for a part-time faculty member teaching a three-credit course was $3,894, although the pay rates spanned a large range.

In addition to the data high­lights, survey report tables, and appendices listing institution-specific compensation data for full-time faculty, a new appendix III presents data on part-time faculty pay. For information about addi­tional data products, please visit https://research.aaup.org/order.