Dispatches from States under Legislative Attack

Over the past few months, Academe solicited short articles from faculty activists in states where political attacks on higher education pose severe threats to core AAUP principles and the academic profession. The following “state dispatches” provide updates from around the country as the fall academic term gets underway, highlighting the successes as well as the failures of faculty organizing in response to legislative efforts to suppress teaching about racism in the United States, to circumvent the faculty role in governance, to erode or abolish tenure, and to undermine institutional autonomy.

Lessons from AAUP Advocacy in Texas
By Karma R. Chávez

The Failure to Condemn White Supremacist "Education" Legislation in Tennessee
By David Barber

A Provisional Victory in Ohio
By Sara Kilpatrick

In North Carolina, an Esteemed Public University System Teeters on the Brink
By Jay M. Smith

Mourning and Organizing in Florida
By Mike Budd