AAUP Election Results

By Robin Burns

Cary Nelson has been elected president of the AAUP for a third two-year term. Nelson is professor of English and Jubilee Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a well-known scholar and academic activist. An author or editor of twenty-five books and the author of 150 articles, he has served on the AAUP’s national Council for ten years, six as second vice president and the last four as president.

Nelson has written widely on most of the major issues confronting the academy. He regularly lectures around the United States and abroad and is frequently interviewed about higher education. His books include No University Is an Island: Saving Academic Freedom (2010), Revolutionary Memory: Recovering the Poetry of the American Left (2001), Manifesto of a Tenured Radical (1997), Repression and Recovery: Modern American Poetry and the Politics of Cultural Memory, 1910–1945 (1989), Office Hours: Activism and Change in the Academy (2004), and Academic Keywords: A Devil’s Dictionary for Higher Education (1999), the last two co-authored with Stephen Watt.

Nelson based his candidacy on his accomplishments during the past four years, citing examples such as the implementation of the AAUP’s largest-ever educational and membership outreach to U.S. faculty members, through which the Association contacted more than 350,000 individuals.

Wendy Roworth, professor of art history at the University of Rhode Island, was elected first vice president of the AAUP. Estelle Gellman, professor of educational psychology at Hofstra University, was reelected second vice president. Howard Bunsis, professor of accounting at Eastern Michigan University, was reelected secretary-treasurer.

The AAUP also elected members to its national Council, the governing body of the Association. The Council meets twice a year to determine Association policy. This year, the membership elected nine new at-large members of the Council. The newly elected or re-elected Council members, with their fields and institutional affiliations, are Stephen Aby (Bibliography), University of Akron; Jacqueline Arante (English), Portland State University; Jane Buck (Psychology), Delaware State University;Richard Gomes (ESL), Rutgers University; Rana Jaleel (American Studies), New York University; Charles Parrish (Political Science), Wayne State University; Sheila Teahan (English), Michigan State University; Jeffrey Williams (English), Carnegie Mellon University; and Deanna Wood (Library), University of New Hampshire.