Sanctioned Institutions

The following institutions have been sanctioned for infringement of governance standards after Association investigations revealed serious departures from generally accepted standards of college and university government endorsed by this Association, as set forth in the Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities and derivative governance documents. Institutions are placed on or removed from this sanction list by vote of the Association's annual meeting.

The publication of these sanctions is for the purpose of informing Association members, the profession at large, and the public that unsatisfactory conditions of academic government exist at the institutions in question.

Each institution's name is followed by the year in which sanction was imposed and a citation to an investigative report on the institution which was published in Academe: Bulletin of the AAUP.

Lindenwood University (MO) 1994
May-June 1994, 60-69

Elmira College (NY) 1995
Sept.-Oct. 1993, 42-52

Miami Dade College (FL) 2000
May-June 2000, 73-88

Antioch University (OH) 2010
Nov-Dec. 2009, 41-63

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY) 2011
January 2011

Idaho State University 2011
May 2011